Talent Show & Tell

Hands down the Talent Show & Tell is my clients’ favorite day at group therapy. I have come across some incredibly talented young people and want to give them a chance to showcase their work. And wow do they always surprise me! I have been moved to tears by their singing, writing and skateboard tricks. The beauty of this event is that the kids don’t have to perform they can show& tell about something they have made like paintings, bracelets, something they have won like sports medals  or something they have cooked..mmm  mm I’ve sampled some tasty cakes. The options are limitless. I always brainstorm with the group different things they can do because everyone must participate. This is a strength building intervention and I want everyone to realize they are good at something. Sometimes I do have clients that on the day of still have nothing prepared and in that case I have the person tell the group 5 interesting facts.  

The prep: This activity requires little to no materials but you do have to plan the date of the event at least two weeks in advance because anxious clients will need at least that amount of time to be calm on the day. Having a signup sheet is beneficial so there is no arguing about who is next. I like the show to just flow. Decorations are also optional. Next time I might make it a bigger production with balloons and signs so they really get excited.

The response: Keep it! I have thrown a Talent Show & Tell at least 3 times and all have been successful but I am mindful to do this when my group population is heavily artistic.