Welcome to The Teen Therapy Project!

This project was created to push myself to use new therapeutic activities with my teenage clients. My clients give me feedback ALL the time stating that therapy is more enjoyable with games and activities. So I’m listening and trying to revamp my game with fresh ideas. A few months ago I started searching around and found multiple lists of therapeutic interventions for children and adolescents. I was so excited until… I got boo’d my clients. These hit and misses were because most of the activities were geared towards children. After getting boo’d multiple times I realized I needed teen approved activities. Games and interventions designed with impatient easily bored teenagers in mind. And then the Teen Therapy Project was born. Each week I will try out a new activity with my clients and share their feedback to keep, tweak, or shuck it. Hopefully by the end of the 52 weeks I will have a journal of at least 40, I’m sure my darling teens will get into a shuck it phase, fail safe activities to share. Wish me luck and ideas!


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